Building Condition/Defects Survey

What is a building condition/defects survey?

A building condition or defects survey is a survey carried out by Professional Building Surveyors to assess on the condition of a building, in particular on the structure, the fabrics, the components and the safety requirements of the building.

The layman term for building survey is also known as “health check for building”. At the end of the survey, documentation and photographs will be taken to generate a report base on the condition of the building.

Why is a building condition/defects survey important?

The purpose of a building condition/defects survey is to provide an unbiased opinion on the general condition of a building. Base on the survey, proper advice on any future or urgent repairs will be recommended to prevent accidents or further damage to the building and its occupants.

The survey will assist clients to have a good understanding on the condition or dilapidation of the building. The report also provides information on building defects, building hazards and explanations on the causes of these defects.

To prolonging the life of the property, repairs and maintenance work will also be recommended inside the report.