Pre and Post Construction Survey

What does a pre and post construction survey do?

Pre-Construction Survey or sometimes called structural survey is a survey done by a Professional Building Surveyor.

It is an inspection on the surrounding buildings and structures’ condition before the commencement of a demolition, construction or development project. All prominent defects in the form of cracks, settlement, movement, water seepage, spalling concrete, distortion, subsidence and other building defects will be documented and photographs will be taken.

A Post-Construction Condition Survey will highlight any building defects that have occurred or caused by the construction works since the first survey, or after a construction.

When is pre and post construction survey required?

A pre-construction survey is required to be conducted by a Professional Building Surveyor to the existing condition of all the adjoining buildings, including infrastructures before the commencement of demolition, excavation, piling, construction, renovation or before taking over a superstructure work.

Why is a pre and post construction survey important?

The purpose of a pre and post construction survey is to provide an accurate record of the condition of the buildings, before and after a construction work takes place. While it is not expected that neighboring construction will cause damage to any building, the survey is undertaken as a precautionary measure.

The survey report will assist the investigation for building owners, contractors and developers in the event of a dispute; the survey report provides written documentation on the pre and post construction condition of the properties.

A formal dilapidation survey can actually prevent thousands or millions of dollars’ worth of claim from dispute parties.